Saturday, January 26, 2013

Who is Saint Ork?

First post. Bare bones as it gets, but that's ok. New to blogging, new to Warhammer 40k, so why not start fresh with an introduction.

I picked up the nickname Saint back in my Airsoft days. Used to be pretty deep into it, but got burned out quick. So I threw my guns on a shelf and began surfing the web. After a lot of surfing around, I ended up picking up a black reach box set and have never stopped growing ever since.

It's getting very close to a year since my black reach warboss was given a set of legs to stand on, and he's ready to hop on a spacehulk and challenge somebody new. A couple close friends picked up the hobby after some persuasion, and i'm tired of krumpin' on vanilla space marines that dream to be blood angels if my buddy ever decides how to build the rest of his battle force.

It is my goal to fill this blog with everything from battle reports and conversion pictures to a little bit of fan fiction on what I hope to be my future imperial guard regiment.

Hopefully with this blog I will reach out and touch other 40k bloggers in and around the Johnson city, Tn area. And forever expand my network so that I can get a game going o my days off